EU Projects

Fundación Meniños works since 1996 protecting children. We believe that it's the children’s right to live in a family. That is the premise the Foundation works with, in projects aiming to help families who are struggling raising their sons and daughters. When it's impossible for children to remain in their own families, we move forward into getting a proper foster care or adoptive family for them.

We work also in preventing and fighting gender-based violence and any kind of abuse against children.

The Foundation has catered directly for 8.000 children and 5.400 families. Also, in a preventive way, we have carried out educational projects for 108.000 children and 1.000 teachers in 950 schools.
Our working model is based on quality, transparency and scientific research.
We have a team of 60 very specialized people, mainly in social education and psychology and we carry out our projects throughout two areas of Spain: Galicia and Asturias.

To carry out our foundational work we collaborate with the public administration and other private entities. We also have the support of a social base of about 300 people and around 60 volunteers. We belong to several international networks that work for children such as EAPN, POI…
Our work has been recognized on several occasions, as the Good Practices 2016 award given by UNICEF in the call for Child Friendly Cities and Good Practices.